CBERS4 images mosaic of Brazil by the Brazil Data Cube Project

A CBERS4 image mosaic of Brazil was launched today by the Brazil Data Cube project team.

This mosaic uses CBERS4/WFI images, surface reflectance, with 64 meters of spatial resolution.

It was generated with technologies under development in the Brazil Data Cube project, using the best pixel (free from cloud and cloud shadows) chosen in a three-month period (April, May and June 2020).

The product uses a RGB composit with red(B15) , NIR(B16) and blue(B13) bands.

In addition to the mosaic with a resolution of 64 meters, we also offer two other versions, with 128 and 250 meters, respectively. These mosaics can be downloaded in GeoTIFF format from the following links:

It is also possible to access this mosaic in GIS applications through the OGC WMS service, using the following address:

Source: Brazil Data Cube Project.

Two new publications from BDC project team

The proceedings of 2020 Latin American GRSS & ISPRS Remote Sensing Conference is available at IEEE Explore with two papers written by the Brazil Data Cube project team.

The first paper describes the INPE’s initiatives in using remote sensing images and cloud services of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to improve land use and cover monitoring.

The second paper propose a new unsupervised segmentation algorithm based on the Conditional Random Fields (CRF) theory.

Visit ours publications area to see all papers from Brazil Data Cube project.

Source: Brazil Data Cube Project.

Virtual workshop Digital Earth Americas

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile presented today (August, 19) their initiatives and experiences in creating Earth observation data cubes in a virtual workshop about Digital Earth Americas organized by CEPAL, NASA and INEGI. The workshop attendees discussed visions for a solution that provides relevant Earth observation data for the benefit of the Americas. The Brazil Data Cube project was presented in this workshop by INPE researchers.

Source: Brazil Data Cube Project

Virtual hands-on training on the classification of time series of images

On August 12, 13 and 14, 2020, the Brazil Data Cube project team conducted a virtual hands-on training on the classification of remote sensing image time series using the R package for Satellite Image Time software package Series (SITS).

The training was coordinated by Dr Gilberto Camara with support from the Brazil Data Cube (BDC) team members Alber Sanchez, Gilberto Queiroz, Felipe Carlos, Michelle Picolli and Rolf Simões. The training aimed at demonstrating, in a practical way, the use of the SITS package, using MODIS and Sentinel images. Members of the PRODES project team, graduate students in Remote Sensing and INPE researchers attended the trainning.

This was the first of two trainings planned for this month, to disseminate the use of SITS to process the data cubes generated in the BDC project.

The SITS package allows the retrieval of time series of satellite images using geographic services and methods for their visualization, analysis and processing. Different methods of classifying time series, using machine learning, are available in the package.

To learn more about SITS visit github.com/e-sensing.

Source: Brazil Data Cube project.

  • SITS-R package for Satellite Image Time Series training.