Virtual hands-on training on sits at FOSS4G 2021 conference

On September 27th, 2021, Dr Gilberto Camara, one of the members of the BDC team, will conduct virtual hands-on training on the classification of remote sensing image time series using the R package software for Satellite Image Time Series (sits) at FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) 2021 conference. The FOSS4G conference is the premier international event dedicated to presenting new developments in open source software for geospatial data applications.

The workshop will provide an introduction to sits, an open-source R package for satellite image time series analysis using machine learning. The package has been improved in the context of the Brazil Data Cube Project and supports the complete cycle of data analysis for land classification, including data management, validation and quality assessment, filtering, classification, post-processing, and accuracy estimates.

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Source: Brazil Data Cube Team.

Brazil Data Cube team presented a mini-course at SBSR Interim

The Brazil Data Cube (BDC) project team presented yesterday, April 12, 2021, the mini-course: Earth Observation Data Cubes and Time Series Analysis within the SBSR Interim.

The 06-hour mini-course aimed to present an introduction to concepts of Earth observation data cubes and analysis of time series of remote sensing images.

The participants had theoretical and practical presentations, with hands-on using the data cubes and software packages created by the BDC.

The mini-course had about 400 participants online and more than 80 questions answered live during the event.

SBSR Interim is conducted by the coordination of the Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing, with webinars and online mini courses aimed at state-of-the-art scientific dissemination.

Source: Brazil Data Cube project / SBSR Interim

Virtual hands-on training on the classification of time series of images

On August 12, 13 and 14, 2020, the Brazil Data Cube project team conducted a virtual hands-on training on the classification of remote sensing image time series using the R package for Satellite Image Time software package Series (SITS).

The training was coordinated by Dr Gilberto Camara with support from the Brazil Data Cube (BDC) team members Alber Sanchez, Gilberto Queiroz, Felipe Carlos, Michelle Picolli and Rolf Simões. The training aimed at demonstrating, in a practical way, the use of the SITS package, using MODIS and Sentinel images. Members of the PRODES project team, graduate students in Remote Sensing and INPE researchers attended the trainning.

This was the first of two trainings planned for this month, to disseminate the use of SITS to process the data cubes generated in the BDC project.

The SITS package allows the retrieval of time series of satellite images using geographic services and methods for their visualization, analysis and processing. Different methods of classifying time series, using machine learning, are available in the package.

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Source: Brazil Data Cube project.

  • SITS-R package for Satellite Image Time Series training.